Japan Shiga Kogen ski delegations visited Genting Resort secret garden


Shiga Kogen delegation of 12 people representing 19 ski resorts stayed at Genting Hotel on July 4 and visited the resort on July 5, listened to the secret garden project construction plan and snow venue planning for Winter Olympic Games. Delegation introduced the basic situation of Shiga Kogen, presented promotional materials and video, and in the framework of bilateral cooperation on the specific content of the communication, to reach a consensus on the following points.

1. Season Pass Alliance

2. Joint Marketing

3. Ski instructors trainning

4. Value-added products and services for ski tour

5. The Joint summer / winter camps

Finally, the Japanese delegation is very satisfied with the visit itinerary and very grateful to the hospitality of the Genting Hotel and resort. They confirmed the willingness to further promote bilateral cooperation regarding intentions content.