Chongli County is also nicknamed as Beijing's "Backyard Garden", where Taihang Mountain and Yan Mountain meet in the midst of the greater Dama Mountain Range. The climate tempts visitors with an average temperature of 19°C through the blazing Beijing summer. Winter brings a majestic white blanket over the snow-capped mountains, turning into a natural alpine sanctuary perfect for enjoying the best of the season outdoors. Here, Genting Resort Secret Garden balances remoteness and accessibility for a perfect holidaying retreat. Departing from Beijing, a quick three-hour drive westward via the Badaling-Jingzhang-Zhangcheng Expressways over 240km ends in Zhangjiakou City, where the resort awaits. Genting Resort Secret Garden with its panorama of majestic woodland heights, cloud-shrouded peaks and clear mountain air is just a short hop away.


Located in Taizi Village (Prince Village) on the outskirts of Zhangjiakou City, Secret Garden is a 6.5 billion yuan investment on 99 sq km of land with 87 ski routes (totalling 70km in length) and complemented by 22 ski lifts (totalling 30km in length). As China's foremost tourist resort project, it is the largest in terms of size, investments and variety of attractions. Secret Garden will feature a variety of outdoor sports and activities as well as luxurious hotels and indoor health facilities. Prominently featured in Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission's Eleventh Five-Year Plan, Secret Garden is an ambitious project developed and led by the Malaysian owned Genting Group and VXL Group which was established in 2008.

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  • Yidaogou Plan
  • Sycamore Hills Renderings
  • Skiing Center
  • Skiing Apartment
  • Sandaogou Plan
  • Wudaogou Plan
  • Four Seasons Landscape