Court dense international tourist resort is the largest investment in North China, the region's most extensive planning, design concepts latest service concept most humane vacation industry demonstration zone. This project is focused on China market development projects Excellence Group established in 2008 by the Hebei Province Development and Reform Commission and the provincial government attach great importance to the establishment of the "Eleventh Five key projects in Hebei Province." The project is located 200 kilometers northwest of Beijing Zhangjiakou City in Chongli County, planning a total area of ​​99.57 square kilometers. Project planning and development of skiing in winter 87 total length of about 70 km of pistes, 22 supporting a total length of about 30 km cable car. Resort annual average temperature of 19 degrees, the air of negative oxygen ions is more than 4,000 times in Beijing, PM2.5 is the lowest in North China. Relying on its unique natural beauty and unique geographical conditions for domestic and foreign tourists secret garden full of travel products and services, built four seasons suitable for all ages, features distinct world-class tourist resort destination, its features are: winter sports events and resort; outdoor sports events and tourist attractions; summer summer resort; enterprises annual meeting gathering.


As of 2013, the project Ski and five-star hotels have opened for business, apartments will soon complete the construction. July 2014, Beijing became the 2022 Winter Olympics bid candidate cities. Such as the successful bid, the Chinese Olympic Committee, Beijing hosted the competition will be determined by the project on ice, snow Zhangjiakou Chongli County contractors game project. For Chongli County is located in the heart of the secret garden tour, the bid for its development will play a great role, can be expected in the near future, dense Court will have the opportunity to become the world's attention in ski resorts and tourism summer resort.