Introduction to the Ski Resort

Named after its developer, the Malaysian-based Genting Group, Genting Secret Garden is located in Chongli County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province , in the midst of the Dama Mountain Range where Taihang Mountain meets Yan Mountain. The site experiences annual average temperature and accumulated snowfall of 19°C and 63.5mm respectively, with snow expected up to 150 days every year. Ice and snow recreational development take advantage of local geography, producing perfect conditions for 70km of ski trails distributed over 87 routes with a total ski area of 262ha capable of supporting 19 610 tourists at once. To be serviced by 22 cable links covering 30km with a maximum carrying capacity of 32 520 people per hour, this transportation is expected to manage 18 270 visitors during normal operation. Its size will make Genting Resort Secret Garden China's largest recreational winter destination.

Skiing Facilities

In the 2011-2012 snow season, Genting Resort Secret Garden opened 10km of ski trails. The 11 routes span difficulty ratings from beginner to expert, with an average width of 45m, a maximum drop of 345m and maximum angle of 24 degrees. In the 2012-2013 snow season, 35 ski trails and one beginners' slope opened to cover more than 800 000 sqm. It is serviced by high-speed Doppelmayr 6 seat-person chairlifts and a seat hybrid cable car link. It caters for the various skill levels of both skiers and snowboarders. A safe environment will be maintained by our snowmaking system with Italian TechnoAlpin cannons and Northrup compression pumps.


Genting Resort will provide three Magic Carpets and 3 High-speed Cable Car lifts which are the latest equipments of the Doppelmayr Company of Austria.
The First High-speed Cable Way is 1,865 meters long and it is a Combination 8-passenger Gondola/6 passenger chairlift mixed lifts. With the speed of 0 to 5 meters per second, it could carry 2400 tourists in 1 hour. The vertical drop from its top station to the bottom station is 394.7 meters.
The Fifth High-speed Cable Way is 562.38 meters long and carries 2025 tourists per hour .It is a 4-passenger detachable grip chairlift . The vertical drop from its top station to the bottom station is 281.7 meters . The Sixth High-speed Cable Way is 1156 meters long and also has the same system as the Fifth Cable Way. It carries 2220 tourists in an hour and its vertical drop from the top station to the bottom station is 281.7 meters. There are two magic carpets, one is 242.8 meters long .With the speed of 0.6 to 1.2 meters per second it carries 1500 tourists in one hour. The two other magic carpets are 90 meters each a 180 meter lift in the children beginner area; it could carry 1420 tourists in one hour. The speed of high-speed lifts is doubled to the normal lifts. Our closed and semi-enclosed cable cars offer you not only a warm but also comfortable environment to enjoy the natural scenery.