Genting Secret Garden Resort not only attracts visitors and customers from around the world, but also prominent politicians and businessmen, as well as celebrities of the sports and entertainment industries.
Thus the Ski School at Genting Resort Secret Garden has gathered more than 100 qualified, skilled coaches well-versed in different ski styles, including monoski and snowboard techniques. These skilled coaches are accredited with national and international certifications to guarantee their quality of teaching. In fact some of the more charismatic coaches have their own following of fans.
Lessons are available by either prior reservation (recommended) or walk-in appointment. The Ski School has prepared a broad-range of syllabus to cater for both adults and children. We also have separate teaching facilities to segregate the beginners from the more experienced skiers. This improves the learning process and makes it a more enjoyable experience. Both intermediate and higher-level coaching is also available. A special course for the guests with disabilities will be launched as well.
The coaches of the Ski School are more than just instructors - they are also your guides to the resort and beyond. They are equipped with an in-depth knowledge of local folklore, rich life experiences and sound knowledge of snow conditions which contributes to a meaningful and memorable experience for their students.
This year sees the introduction of a new children indoor center, outdoor learning area and a Burton Riglet LTR program for the many aspiring young snowboarders. The Riglet Park is part of Burton renowned internationally recognized LTR program. There is no better way to learn snowboarding than in this fun filled environment.