The Terms and Conditions for 2015-16 Genting Resort Secret Garden Ski Seasons Pass

1. Ski Season Pass is issued by Genting Resort Secret Garden (the issuer) as a ski season special offer for cableway use only, and other items should be paid separately. Personal valid credentials and [] recent photos are needed before buying the pass. As a non-refundable, nontransferable and an unchangeable product, one person can only buy one pass which is valid during the 2017-2018 ski season.

2. Ski Season Pass adopts the real-name system and can only be used by the holder him-or herself. Staff of Genting Resort Secret Garden are entitled to check the user of Ski Season Pass whenever necessary to ensure that the user and the pass holder is the same person. When using the pass, the holder needs to make verifications in the ticket center as well as the cableway ticket entrance. The holder must sign and agree to abide by the notice of Ski Season Pass terms and the purchase conditions. Deceit activities such as transferring, renting, borrowing and reselling the pass should be regarded that the holder has given up the ownership of the pass and its’ carried interests; the issuer has the right to directly confiscate and cancel the pass while the amount paid by the holder will be treated as the penalty payment to the issuer.

3. If the Ski Season Pass is lost or damaged, please take your valid credentials and complete the reissue formalities (50 yuan) in the ski customer service center. The holder should go to the service center in person to report the loss and reissue the pass in time. If the holder isn’t at the ski resort when finding the loss of the pass, a call should be given to the service center as soon as possible for freezing the pass and the reissue work will be made after the holder arriving at the ski resort. Otherwise, the holder shall bear any personal loss that may cause and the issuer will not take any responsibility. The telephone number of the ski customer service center is 400 168 1234.

4. The holder should timely pay attention to the website of Genting Resort Secret Garden ( and the weather before going to the ski resort, as the cable cars may be closed or partially closed in the case of force majeures such as bad weather or power cut. Otherwise, the issuer will take no responsibility and ticket refund, exchange or extension services are not available.

5. If any instruction is needed, the holder should go to the issuer’s counter to hire a professional coach from the resort. Hiring external coaches is not allowed here as well as soliciting business, otherwise the pass will be confiscated immediately. If the holder insists on guiding his or her relatives and friends personally or learning under the instruction of his or her relatives and friends, any loss or damage that may result in should be undertaken by the holder.

6. Private teaching by the holder is not allowed, or the pass will be confiscated unconditionally.

7. Behaviors like reselling, renting or borrowing of the pass are not allowed, or the issuer will not only freeze and confiscate the pass, but investigate the legal liabilities of the holder.

8. The holder has the full rights to enjoy the facilities of Genting Resort Secret Garden. And no responsibility will be taken by the Garden. The holder should recognize and undertake the inherent risks of this sport or any property loss, physical injury and/or death it may cause. The holder agrees to accept compensation produced according to results identified by the insurance company for the above mentioned, and agree not to damage and prosecute the Garden.

9. Genting Resort Secret Garden of 3rd Valley (Zhang Jia Kou) Resort Corporation reserves the right of final interpretation of Notice of Ski Season Pass Terms and Conditions

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the above-mentioned terms.

Ski Season Pass holder: (please sign here)


I have read and agree to the above terms
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