2018-2019Season Pass Disclaimer

1. The season pass is a special offer product of Genting Resort Secret Garden (the pass issuer) for winter season, which is for lift use only, and for other items, guests shall pay separately. When purchasing the pass, the buyer must provide his or her valid documents and a recent photo of himself/herself. One person can only buy a kind of season pass, and once purchased, the pass is non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable and is valid for the winter season 2018-2019 only.

2. The season pass holder shall obey the real name system, and the pass can only be used by the holder himself/herself. In order to make sure the pass is used by the pass holder him/herself, the pass issuer or other staff shall have the right to check whether the pass user is the holder him/herself anytime. Guests will be checked twice when using the pass at the ticket center and the lift checkpoint. When buying the season pass, the buyer must sign a guarantee, and agree with the using rules and requirements of the season pass. Once they transfer, rent, sell or let other people use it, it shall be deemed that the holder has given up the ownership of the pass and its incidental rights. The issuer shall have the right to confiscate the pass and then the money that the holder paid before will be regarded as the default and will not be refunded.

3. If the season pass is lost or damaged, please hold your ID card and then go to the Customer Service Center to reissue a pass with a fee of 50yuan. The pass holder needs to report the loss by himself/herself. If the pass holder is not in the resort, he/she shall inform the Service Center of the ski resort by phone and freeze the card. After the pass holder arrives, a new pass will be issued. Ski Customer Service Center Tel: 400 168 1234. If the pass holder does not promptly notify the Customer Service Center of the resort to freeze the card, the pass issuer will not bear any responsibility for losses caused to the holder.

4. Pass holders need to pay attention to the Official Website of Genting Reaort Secret Garden (Website address: http://www.secretgardenresorts.com/) and the weather conditions. The lift car may be closed due to force majeure such as inclement weather and power outages or only open part of the lift cars. For that, we do not assume any responsibility, and does not provide any refund, exchange, deferred use and other services.

5. If the pass holder needs a instructor, he/she shall go to the counter to engage the instructor from our resort. External instructors are not allowed to be hired or solicit customers. Once it happened, we will confiscate the pass immediately. If the pass holder insists on providing skiing guidance to his or her relatives or friends or receiving skiing guidance from his or her relatives and friends, all damages incurred shall be borne by the holder.

6. Private instructing is not allowed. Once found, the season pass will be confiscated unconditionally.

7. Transfer, rental and sale of the pass are not allowed. Once found, the pass will be confiscated and frozen, and we will call to account.

8. The season pass holder has access to the facilities of the season pass area and Genting Resort Secret Garden. The Resort will not assume any relevant responsibility. The season pass holder needs recognize and assumes the inherent risks and other risks associated with the sport, as well as property damage, body injury, or personal death caused by the sport. The holder shall agree to accept the compensation as determined by the insurance company, without prejudice to or detention of the Genting Resort Secret Garden.

9. After the guest purchases the season pass, if the pass issuer discovers that the purchaser has any bad record at the Resort (including but not limited to private coaching, and pass transferring, reselling, leasing or lending), the pass issuer shall reserve the right to refund the payment to the purchaser and refuse the issue.

10. In the using process, if the issuer discovers that the pass holder has violated the above-mentioned terms and conditions, the issuer shall be entitled to refuse the issue of any product to the holder except in accordance with the above terms and conditions.

11. Secret Garden (Zhangjiakou) Resort Co., Ltd. reserves the right of interpretation of the use of season pass.

I have read and agree to the above terms
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