Genting Court secret paradise and FAW-Volkswagen Audi contract


July 29, 2014, Beijing - China's top ski, sports, tourism resort complex secret garden paradise Genting four-wheel drive with the global science and technology leader in the Audi brand, today jointly announced a strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held at the Audi City Beijing, the two sides level and Audi Vorsprung enterprising pioneer Frankie come to the signing ceremony. The brand will once again show the close strategic cooperation Genting Court paradise unique advantages in resources, the movement of resources and charm Audi centuries the perfect combination of technology, Audi opened a new chapter in the Chinese market Plough, and work together to build China's premier entertainment resort snow .

The two sides will expand cooperation in a range of brand equity snow sports, leisure and high-end full-time four-wheel drive control and other aspects of experience, and bring respect and courtesy for Audi owners enjoy excellent skiing enthusiasts and leisure travelers.

FAW - Volkswagen Audi will act as the exclusive automotive sponsor of the class to support a number of secret garden Genting winter sports paradise. With the world's leading sports resources and elegant luxury resort services, secret garden, including Genting theme park will bring exclusive packages, ski instruction, room upgrades and other respected courtesy of Audi owners. Also close Genting Court AWD park will become Audi's quattro all-driving experience base, showing the ultimate driving experience Audi's quattro permanent four-wheel type.

Genting secret garden paradise Xiaohuan Wei, Chairman and CEO, said: "This collaboration with the Audi brand in the full Audi quattro AWD Technology charm, will further enhance the visibility of secret paradise Genting Court, to build a world-class sports leisure brand, and the pursuit of high quality vacation experience for the more high-end crowd to bring the whole family still at the election. par with Switzerland's top ski resorts close Genting Court Park, this year will be put into use in the construction of the new SBC Park, Mogul, Chase Road and Audi The construction of the ice bar, is constantly striving for excellence skiers richer, more cool, more extreme snow riding experience, but will also support a series of international events held in the future. "

"Audi's quattro all-wheel-drive system as the Audi's most enterprising spirit of leading technology, from the ultimate challenge to the world of ice and snow, on behalf of the Audi brand's sporty genes innate entrepreneurial spirit and the pursuit of excellence for the global users Driving outstanding experience. "FAW - Volkswagen Audi Sales Division General Manager of thin stone," said leading technology and dynamic charm of the joint pursuit of the Audi and winter sports closely linked because of this, winter sports has become a show. Audi brand innovation, the perfect stage of dynamic and sport. The bilateral cooperation aims to bring more exclusive high-end sports experience for Chinese users and Audi snow sports enthusiasts to enjoy winter sports at the same time feel the passion of Audi products and technologies unique charm.

Genting Court secret paradise now planning to develop 87 total length of about 70 km of pistes, supporting 22 total length of approximately 30 km of the cable car, all of which will become China's largest ski resort. As a middle-class ski lovers paradise, secret garden paradise Genting will prepare for guests more attractive product packages and education services.

Mountain pastures between seasons Jieyou scenery. As a summer resort, Genting secret garden paradise is more family travel, travel by car and guests prepare most pleasant scenery, the most attentive service and the most abundant entertainment, I believe it will seek for every true nature, Movement Fun, cultural beauty, vacationers bring Tian Ran Bonjour respected experience.