All the sheep feast food festival


2014 , 25 July to 7 August, Genting Hotel Dragon restaurant special launch three whole sheep feast, all featured small prairie natural pollution-tailed sheep, absolutely safe, secure. All the sheep feast is not a concept of whole roasted sheep, but sheep trunk full of different ministries according to the distribution of muscle tissue, using different cooking methods, doing well, shape, taste, smell different variety of dishes, and crown good luck with the name of "all the sheep feast."

In the production, fine knife, elegant flavor, fried, slide, explosion, burn, stewed, braised, baked, fried, made of shredded tender lamb, sheep's head chopped garlic Genting, Genting Court secret hand Grilled meat, charcoal secret lamb chops, nourishing stew Yangtizishan wolfberries and other Genting hotel, unique cuisine, with a soft material, light, moderate taste, crisp and fresh and so cool.

July and August weather, hot, fled the city's restless, to secret garden. Genting enjoy the cool summer paradise! Here breeze blowing gently, Qingfeng Valley, you can walk through the forest on foot, you can enjoy the full moon night of stargazing, you can enjoy the thrill of mountain biking together with small partners. Accompanied by alcohol and not greasy, does not smell of mutton serotonin, delicious nutritious whole sheep beauty feast, crazy together, laugh together, share suck that taste it!

All the sheep feast Gourmet Festival Time: July 25, 2014 to August 7, 2014

All the sheep feast Food Festival Venue: Genting Hotel 3 layers Dragon Restaurant

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